Yoga Success Stories


“Body in Motion Yoga has benefited me by how It has improved my flexibility, balance and strength, most especially in my leg muscles after my knee surgery. Since starting, I have begun to pay more attention to my body and the cues it gives me as to its condition. Too many years of raising kids and doing for other put me on the back burner! Time to build the body I have left for the long haul!

What is wonderful about Body in Motion Yoga is that Dr. Grilliot is very patient and encouraging. He moves at a very manageable pace and I appreciate the two different possible times for class for convenience.”

Lisa I.

“Body in Motion Yoga has benefited me by teaching me acceptance of my body. It is also teaching me patience. Taking up Yoga in my 60’s requires patience.What is wonderful about Body in Motion Yoga is that it is unlike my first experience with yoga, where the yoga instructor could do incredible poses, seemingly without effort, and was very intimidating for a newbie like me. Dr. Grilliot talks about his own difficulties with some of the poses I feel like we are learning together. Since starting Body in Motion Yoga, I have been pleased to notice growing flexibility and improved ability to balance.”

Rand B.

“Body in Motion Yoga has benefited me as it has been a big help for me in still taking care of my body. I had been taking aerobics class until the instructor retired.”

Susan T.

“Body in Motion Yoga has benefited me in feeling overall stronger and healthier. It has also improved my balance. Since starting, I have become more flexible and really strengthened my core. It has improved my lower back pain. What is wonderful about Body in Motion Yoga is that every session is a new experience.

Dr. Grilliot works on strengthening different areas of the body. He keeps it fun and challenging!”

Marguerite C.

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Yoga classes are conducted on Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 a.m. and Thursdays 7:00-8:00 p.m. at the Natural Wellness Centre, 108 W. Main Street, Bremen, Ohio.

Classes are $10 per class or participants may purchase a package of 8 sessions for $70.

Please call 740-687-0279 to register as a participant.

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