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Why You Should do Liver Purification

Perhaps the better question: “Why wouldn’t you do liver purification?” Here is Dr. Grilliot’s most recent article with all the answers (read more)

As 2019 marks over 10+ years of success stories Dr. Grilliot has heard from his patients and their family and friends, liver purification has continued to set an unmatched benchmark of a foundational nutritional program that has shown results, on lab reports of improved A1Cs, blood pressure, cholesterol readings and more. Across the board, we have heard patient comments of improved weight, better sleep, no more fatigue, less brain fog, no more digestive bloating, no more sugar cravings, no more specific food cravings, fewer mood swings and more.

If you are interested to know more, please  SIGN UP TODAY by calling 740-687-0279 to reserve your seats at the Discover Wellness 2019 Healthier You | Purification Kick off that is scheduled for  6:30p.m.-7: 30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 8 & January 29th. Those who participate in the New Year Kick off can receive the added value of the Liver Purification kit, online coach,  AND the group sessions. The Liver Purification kit is on sale until December 31 for those would like to save even more.

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