What you eat can make you sick!

What you eat can make you sick!

What most people eat in our nation today cannot really be classified as pure food or nutritious. Certainly, we have been misled to believe that processed, chemically-laden, toxic and artificial substances qualify as food. Advertising has turned our collective, cultural perception of food upside-down. The media serves its advertisers; not us, its readers, viewers and listeners. This might be good for business; but, not for our health. Certainly, as we look around, we notice that our friends and relatives (if not ourselves) are sick, overweight, on medication, chronically fatigued and suffering from a variety of health problems.

Yet, being a healthcare consumer is harder than ever. One day we read an article that explains how effective Vitamin A is for preventing cancer; the very next day, you hear that taking Vitamin A is toxic and can even cause cancer! Totally confused, we often wonder…who to believe? And that, often, is how we start our collection. We all have them! You know, that variety of vitamin pill bottles in our kitchen cupboards – stuff that we’ve bought over the years but, probably have stopped taking. People have a hard time throwing them away because they spent money on them. There is one thing we know for certain, frustration occurs because we feel lousy, have gained weight, and have a lack of knowledge about what we should be doing.

In direct contradiction to our biological, cellular needs, we have become a nation fed on foul nutrition with chemicals being insidiously substituted for nutritious foods. Our chemically laden, nutrient-deficient, daily diet has caused the escalation of disease, suffering and death – even in the face of our so-called “advanced” medical system.

To overcome our health problems, we must, first, embrace a lifestyle change, not just a treatment method change. For healing and prevention of disease, there is no substitute for the innate wisdom, power and potential of nature. It’s not wise to try to fool Mother Nature; our bodies are listening.

The wiser people of this country have reached back into the past and are reviving the philosophy of natural healthcare. What they are learning is that natural health care works without side-effects and it carries the seeds for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Eating properly heals; yet, causes no side effects. This is never true about drugs, which the body considers as foreign invaders.

Most of us do not eat enough raw fruits and vegetables

Also, the depleted soils that our mass-produced foods are grown in, coupled with the processing and packaging of these foods, has created a nutritionally deficient food product to meet our body’s needs. Bottom line…we need appropriate diet, exercise and supplements to optimize our nutritional status and our overall health. If we are not getting them in our diet, we need to get them from a product that offers us optimum whole food, nutrient dense nutritional support for the money we have spent.

We recommend whole food concentrates!

Today, vitamins are big business. Most of those products are almost exclusively synthetic, made from chemicals in a laboratory. We recommend whole food concentrates! We can offer you a great deal of information which explains why our Standard Process whole food concentrate supplements are superior to the majority of nutritional products. These are naturally grown products, dehydrated and processed with low temperatures (less than 112 degrees) in order to maintain all of the reactive enzymes within the whole foods which our body can utilize in a natural way. They are nutrient dense nutritional support!

A commitment for a lifestyle change has to be made

Your interest in improving your body’s health reflects your inner desire for change. A commitment for a lifestyle change has to be made. If you are frustrated about feeling lousy, tired, sleepy, overweight… it’s time to do something different! Change is not always easy; but, any change you’re considering must include your diet.

Recently, you may have seen advertising for Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet and his Total Body Makeover Plan or the appearances by Dr. Mehmet Oz on the Oprah Winfrey shows. Possibly, you have read or heard of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s books, The Truth About Food and Eat To Live. The principles of our nutrition and weight loss programs reflect the same facts and groundbreaking medical research truths about food and nutrition that they have been publicizing on T.V. Our program relies on making dietary changes that allow your body to rebound towards real health and physical prosperity.

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