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Total Body Wellness in Bremen

Patients come seeking a supplement that will treat their symptoms; others come with questions about how to prevent certain health conditions and still others desire understanding of how their condition began and what efforts they can take to undo the undesirable changes that the body has already adapted to.

Maximize your health!

Our overall practice model is based on the premise that a person’s basic diet (nutrition and supplements), exercise, sleep habits, stress management and mindset are critical components of weight management and optimum health. It is our sophisticated, scientifically-driven protocols that optimize both the body and brain functions, which allow us to maximize and maintain positive outcomes for our patients.

Our therapies are based upon the individual’s health history, symptoms, examination findings, lab test results and personal health goals.

We are results-oriented:

  •   We believe the whole body must be treated in order to achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness.
  •   Our examination and lab tests help to identify deficiencies and imbalances in body chemistry which helps us coordinate your nutritional therapy to optimize your body’s physiology.
  •   Our unique approach to lab testing when needed allows us to target specific areas to bring the body into optimum balance.

We utilize the very best nutritional formulations including:  vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glandular products, enzymes, herbs and all natural bio-identical replacement hormones to help the body heal itself, improve the quality of life, prevent disease and ultimately achieve improved health.

Let us help guide you in making your healthcare a priority.  Self-care and education are an integral part of every therapy we provide. In addition to nutritional counseling services, we offer personalized diet programs and Wellness Workshop Events.

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