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Safety Tips

From Vehicle Safety to Travel- tips you need to know

Kids shouldn’t sit up front in cars with air bags until they’re 15. Children 14 and under were up to six times more likely to suffer serious injuries from an air bag. Children 15 and older, however, air bags reduced the odds of serious injury by nearly 70%. Surprisingly, heights and weights made no difference. Instead, increases in bone density and muscle mass during puberty probably protect the older kids.

Bug Bite Prevention

Avoiding most bug bites is easier than you think. Among repellents, think sprays, lotions, creams, and wipes – all to mask your tasty aroma and the carbon dioxide you exhale. But don’t just settle to repellents with DEET. Products with picaridin, an aroma-free option, work every bit as well. Cutter Advanced Sport is one of the most effective.

  • Loose clothing helps to keep bugs away from your skin.
  • Citronella candles and torches mask your scent – they aren’t perfect, but they work. Arrange them in a circle.

 Travel Emergency Tips

  • Did you know that if you’re traveling, a global fleet of doctors is ready to help you in a crisis? MedjetAssist focuses on evacuation back to the U.S. during emergencies, but also covers you within the United States. Weekly plans start at $75, an annual plan is $205 and annual family plans are only $325.
  • Other travel-insurance providers get you to the nearest quality medical center anywhere in the world. International SOS has the largest and most extensive global network of medical professionals and facilities. Plans cost $80 a week or $325 for an entire year – a nominal fee for stress-free travel.

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