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feel good concept chartPatients have driven from across the state, as well as from other states to be successfully treated.  Patients come seeking a supplement that will treat their symptoms; others come looking for weight loss without shots, drugs and side effects, and still others come with questions about how to prevent certain health conditions or how their condition began and what efforts they can take to change the undesirable state that the body has already adapted to.

The overall practice model at the Natural Wellness Centre is based on the premise that a person’s basic diet (nutrition and supplements), exercise, sleep habits, stress management and mindset are critical components of weight management and optimum health. Dr. Grilliot utilizes sophisticated, scientifically-driven protocols that optimize both the body and brain functions, which allows to maximize and maintain positive outcomes for patients.

Therapies are results-oriented and based upon the individual’s health history, symptoms, examination findings, lab test results and personal health goals utilizing the following three principles;  

  1. The whole body must be treated in order to achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness.
  2. The examination and lab tests help to identify deficiencies and imbalances in body chemistry which helps to coordinate nutritional therapy to optimize the body’s physiology.
  3. A unique approach to lab testing when needed allows to target specific areas to bring the body into optimum balance.

Along with diet and lifestyle change, the very best nutritional formulations make up protocol that may or may not include:  vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glandular products, enzymes, herbs and all natural bio-identical replacement hormones to help the body heal itself, improve the quality of life, prevent disease and ultimately achieve improved health.

An Individual Plan Designed Specifically for You

At the heart and soul of natural health care and missing from the practice of most modern medicine facilities is nutrition; the foundation of life, healing, cellular energy, growth and disease prevention. Proper nutrition is a basic, biological need.

As living, complex, dynamic (always changing) and biological beings – real, whole, untainted foods are the only substances meant to be ingested into our delicate, complex bodies. Nature’s unadulterated foods resonate within us as they nourish us. All other substances, including most drugs, artificial ingredients and processed (dead) pseudo-foods are injurious to our bodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need nutrition counseling?

Our fast-paced culture of life on-the-go has resulted in a dietary shift to fast-food restaurants and processed convenience foods. While these options save time, they do not provide enough of the essential nutrients our body needs to thrive. This can cause a slowing down of body functions, sap energy and vitality and may lead to significant health issues. If you have been feeling tired and run-down and there seems to be no explanation, nutritional assessment and counseling may provide some of the answers. Plus, proper nutrition is the starting point for improving overall health and may help in the prevention of future health concerns.

If you are currently experiencing difficulties such as: gastric reflux, hypertension, Type II diabetes, fibromyalgia (unexplained pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons), attention deficit disorder, erectile dysfunction or other functional hormone imbalances; nutritional assessment counseling may assist in managing these challenges by improving your physiology with a more natural approach; diet, whole food supplementation and lifestyle modification.

What can I expect?

That’s completely up to you. Diet, nutrition and/or weight management recommendations all begin with a consultation. It could be a brief (15 min.) consultation where you visit with the doctor and ask whatever questions you may have. A markedly more thorough evaluation process called the Comprehensive Evaluation necessitates you completing our consultation packet. This includes completing an extremely thorough consultation form, a 7-day food diary, a symptom survey and many other necessary forms. Once this has been completed, a consultation with the doctor takes place. Between your first consultation and your follow-up visit a complete review of the data will be completed. A follow-up visit will be scheduled and, during that visit, recommendations will be made. It is at this time when various tests may be requested based upon each individual’s case.

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‘s approach to nutritional care different?”]Dr. James Grilliot and staff are a group of like-minded, good-hearted, health conscious individuals who agree that emotional and physical healing comes from within.

Our treatment approach includes the use of; nutritional evaluations and superior, organic, whole-food nutrition products, posture evaluations, chiropractic treatment measures, body work exercise techniques and lifestyle enhancement education. This approach has demonstrated its potential to assist our patients in reaching their health improvement and weight-loss goals. We focus our healing strategies from the inside out.

Nutritionally, we employ: symptom survey analysis, extensive case history analysis*, (*nutritional response testing procedures), laboratory hair analysis, blood work and saliva testing, and an expert analysis of all biochemical values to determine our patient’s position in the health status spectrum. Organic whole-food nutritional supplementation programs are designed to address the specific weaknesses and physiological needs that our patient’s present with. Follow-up re-evaluations occur at regular intervals with adjustments to each individual’s supplementation program.

What supplements will I be taking?

This will depend on your individual nutritional needs. All supplements used are derived from organically grown whole food sources or are high-quality herbs**. Our program matches the proper supplements to the individual’s needs as established by their profile. The goal is to bring the body back into balance by providing the WHOLE FOOD nutrients that your metabolism was designed to use but may be lacking in your current diet. By changing dietary habits and making lifestyle modifications, the need for some supplements should decrease over time.

Throughout your supplementation program your progress will be monitored periodically to determine the success of the program(s). Appropriate modifications will be made as your progress indicates.

Is this for everyone?

Absolutely! Our food intake is the fuel which runs our body, stimulates our metabolism and helps in the repair and healing process of our bodies. Everyone can benefit from proper nutrition and appropriate supplementation.

When will I notice a difference?

This varies from person to person. Most individuals should notice a significant difference in health complaints with a reduction of symptoms, thereby, contributing to improved well-being during the first phase (3 months) of care.

How do I get started?

Just contact our office, (740) 687-0279 to schedule an appointment. We will get the necessary information from you, so we can provide you with our initial nutritional evaluation package. If you prefer, we can arrange to mail the initial evaluation package to you.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to specifically diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Improving one’s body chemistry, which can reduce clinical symptoms, is our primary goal.

Is Nutritional Counseling affordable?

We offer comparative and affordable prices for all laboratory tests and extremely high quality, professional grade, organic whole-food supplements at or below market prices. Our intention is to make improving your health through therapeutic nutrition a part of your life and your long-term illness prevention/intervention practice.

Cost Summary:

Initial Nutritional Evaluation and Report of Findings
(Visits 1 & 2)Includes:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation Questionnaire(s)
  • Symptom Survey
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Iodine Tests
  • Nutritional Screening Examination
  • Muscle Testing Examination
  • Heart Variability Test
Office Visits $45
Various test(s) which may be suggested

  • Hair Analysis
  • Saliva Testing
  • Blood Tests
  • Fecal/Stool Testing
Varies per test
3 Week ComprehensiveLiver Purification Varies per patient
Supplement Cost (varies per patient) Varies per patient

We will not accept assignment of insurance benefits for nutrition based services. All nutrition services are cash… paid at the time of service. We will provide you with appropriate codes on any testing procedures ordered so you may submit them to your insurance carrier if you so choose. Hair analysis testing is paid to our facility. All other testing: blood, saliva and/or stool, is paid directly to the lab by the patient.

Thank you for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and hope to help you become an even better you! Call our Bremen office and schedule an appointment today!

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