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Nutritional Repair & Fortification
(An Individual Plan Designed Especially for You)

nutritional supplementsThe program that you are considering to embark upon is a bold and direct approach to significantly overhauling the functioning of your body. In 3 month segments over a 9-12 month time-frame, you have the ability to have cleansed, repaired and fortified almost every gland and organ in your body. The result of this is; your body is able to better prevent future health issues including the likely reduction of experiencing some of the biggest disease problems such as: cancer, heart disease and Type II diabetes. Like many others, you will probably experience a degree of improvement in your physical status and strength, as well as improvement of your emotional/spiritual state of mind.

Each of the visits will seek to identify your primary imbalances (the ones that are causing other domino effect imbalances downstream) and then a strategy of nutrient supplementation will be recommended to target and improve the function of a specific system and/or tissue. While nutritional measures are gentle; when they are applied constantly, they can yield almost miraculous results. Practicing nutritional medicine coupled with its results has taught us what is possible through nutritional therapy; and daily, it continues to teach us more.

The following is a typical sequence approach, so that you may have some concept of the plan, although each person is unique and progresses at their own pace.

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Phase I / Months 1-3

Step I: Visits 1-6
(1 visit per week for initial nutritional response testing work-up / maximum 6 office calls)

1) Initial modification of diet creating independence from sugar forming hydroglycemic foods thus, reducing insulin and cortisol imbalance, alkaline promotion, general mineral replenishment and begin to unburden the liver and digestion system of its toxic load.

Step II: Visits 7-12
(6 visits at 1 every other week / minimum 6 office calls)

2) Initial unburdening of the liver and digestive system of its toxic load through Liver Purification, identification of food allergies and removal of the primary inflammation engines, parasite infestation and infection removal through up-regulation of the immune system, correction of gut floor imbalance and dysbiosis.

Total number of visits for initial phase I program: typically 12. For comparative evaluation: heart rate variability test to be repeated at 11th visit for 12th visit review.

On a case by case basis: we may recommend additional tests to include: blood work, hair analysis and saliva testing. These tests are used to uncover any deficiencies or imbalances not demonstrated with our usual and regular tests.

Phase II / Months 4-6
(frequency varies between visits every other week; usually 1 per month)

3) Stabilize any of the aforementioned nutritional needs, use of liver purification program if not already having been provided.

Phase III / Months 6-12
(visits either once per month or usually every 2 months)

4) Eventual reassessment of any testing previously having been provided with a 6 month interval of test dates, begin addressing circulatory issues as a long-term preventative measure, begin specific assessment of any chronic conditions and begin basis nutritional support leading to maintenance care.

Maintenance care usually starts without complication when alkaline promotion, general mineral replenishment, dietary changes and an unburdened digestive system and liver have been accomplished. Typically, maintenance care starts around the 9-12 month point based on individual assessment, patient needs and commitment to lifestyle modifications. This is followed by graduation into a pattern of less frequent office visits (once every 3-6 months) and basic nutritional support counseling for sustaining your lifestyle. Occasional electro-system repair and fortification lasting 1-2 months is utilized as necessary.

While there are many variables in the course of nutritional therapy; generally, it follows these above mentioned guidelines. Our intention is for total correction of your systematic profile with potential for medication reduction (under your medical doctor’s direction) by the time we finish Phase III (months 6-12). It is so exciting to see what your body is capable of regarding its innate healing potential and, indeed, that healing and renewal reminds us how remarkably the human body is designed. For most patients, this lifestyle and mindset modification allows them more alternatives when facing greater health challenges in the future.

It is our greatest joy and fulfillment to introduce this approach to you, please see Nutritional Counseling for even more information to get you started today! We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you may have, give us a call and start on the path to becoming an even better you!

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