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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Natural Wellness Centre patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Dr. James Grilliot


“Healthy Life by Design” Equals Great Quality of Life!

David T.

Before starting the “Healthy Life by Design” program, I had taken several different statin medications in order to lower my cholesterol. I did not tolerate the side effects of the medications well and thus looked for other solutions. At that time, I had muscle aches, a very low energy level, didn’t sleep well and had persistent heart burn as well as a pressure or a tightness in my chest. I truly thought that I was probably going to suffer a heart attack and die. Every day I was taking over the counter heart burn medications with very little relief and felt horrible every day. Most of the time I was eating what I thought were nutritious foods in the hope that I would feel better an stay healthy but I was certainly not feeling healthy.

After starting the “Healthy Life By Design program, the results were remarkable. I stopped taking the cholesterol Lowering medication and began learning how to eat proper meals and snacks and began to exercise again because my energy level began to return. I state that the results were remarkable because the changes were so positive and they happened so quickly!

I have none of the side effects from medications that I once had because I don’t take the medications anymore. I sleep better, do not feel hungry and I have lost weight. It has been a real surprise to me how easy this process has been. The foods that I now eat are what I have learned are real food and not some highly marketed and processed non-food. The meals and snacks that I now eat are wonderful, easy to prepare and again, the results are remarkable!

It is difficult to describe how much better I feel. I cannot imagine ever going back to living the way I did even though I used to think that it was a fairly healthy life style. I encourage anyone that reads this to get the facts. Your quality of life depends upon doing so.

Having a “NUTRITION COACH” Is So Important!

Jackie H.

I am 61 years old, 5’9″ and my weight had climbed to 215.5 pounds!

During the past 10 years, I have been fighting my weight, acid reflux, sinusitis and fatigue (the blahs). In the fall of 2008I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr Syndrome and suffered for 3 months with aches and tiredness. But, then…I viewed a very unflattering picture of myself in a bathing suit at a Synchronized Masters Swim Meet. That picture sent me screaming over the edge for help.

Dieting has never worked for more than 3-4 days for me then I would fall off the diet wagon and proceed to eat anything and everything that wasn’t moving. Guilt and frustration were my constant companions and self defeat followed closely behind.

When I finally realized I felt yucky most of the time, that I had serious digestive and sinus issues for which I did not want to be taking drugs to control for my entire life, I said, “I surrender” and sought help from Dr. James Grilliot. Now, I was ready to do anything to feel better and I was finally ready to make significant lifestyle eating changes.

I embarked on the weight management and nutrition program offered by Dr. Grilliot. The best thing about this nutrition program is one can make subtle changes, start feeling different and stay excited and motivated. Having a “nutrition coach” was so important because I could ask questions and receive answers that made sense along with the encouragement that I really needed.

These past 5 months (I started the program in February 09) have been totally remarkable. I have thrown away my acid reflux medicine, quit having sinus issues and lost 22 pounds. I need to lose 30 more, but now I know “how” to do it correctly and the eating changes are a lifestyle change not a fad diet.

I am seldom hungry, my energy level has soared through the roof, I sleep soundly and awaken ready to hit the floor and go, go and go. I am so thankful to have a doctor who is empathetic yet not patronizing. I learned that we truly are what we eat and for the remainder of my life, I will choose to eat healthy so I can LIVE WELL!!

Nothing Short of Life Transforming!

Kari W.

I have battled chronic constipation and bleeding since I was 17 years old. There would be short periods of relief during my 20’s and 30’s, but it was more or less just something I had resigned myself to living with. A couple of scopes in the early years of this revealed nothing serious, so I really wasn’t too worried.

However, shortly after the birth of our 7th child, when I was 35 years old, things got much worse and wouldn’t improve. It came to a head in the spring of 2008 when I was convinced I had waited too long and would die of colon cancer. My symptoms were severe; lots of bleeding, horrible constipation and pain that would leave me worn out and in bed. I finally visited a gastroenterologist who did a colonoscopy and diagnosed me with Chron’s disease. He informed me that there was no known cause or cure, and the best I could hope for was a lifetime of medication to “manage my symptoms”. He told me dietary changes would make no difference. My choices for medication had potential side effects that were almost as bad as my problem, and the three rounds of steroids I had been on in less than 6 months made me so depressed and irritable that I had even considered suicide!

After much prayer and seeking wise council, I really felt in my gut (no pun intended) that this issue could be addressed naturally and nutritionally. A dear friend had shared her own experiences and success with nutrition therapy and also gave me a very helpful book. Suddenly my body started making sense!

I came to Dr. James Grilliot in tears in early January 2009 when my gastroenterologist wanted to put me on an immuno suppressant. I could not go down that road. After a thorough health history and exam, Dr. Grilliot started me on a few supplements and I started feeling better within 3 days. What has followed has been nothing short of life transforming!

In a little over three months of exchanging my life-robbing diet of cooked and processed foods for a diet rich in nutrients that feed me properly along with whole food supplements, I am free of migraines and constipation. I have lost 20 pounds (did I mention that’s without exercising every single day?). And, I’m sleeping better than I have in years. My springtime allergies are almost non-existent and menstrual symptoms are greatly reduced.

I thank God that he brought me to Dr. Grilliot so he could teach me about my body and coach me through the process of caring for it. Now I can properly care for the others in my life. I feel like I’m much better able to be the wife and mother they deserve. I couldn’t have done this without their love and support.

I Feel a Youthful Exuberance Now

Verena L.

For years I had ups and downs in energy throughout the day. The worst was the extreme hunger and energy crashes before meals.

In such a short time of following the dietary recommendations and treatment plan that Dr. Grilliot developed for me, I am so much improved in all areas! I have more energy and don’t feel the need to reach for sugary foods. I have cut caffeine out of my life. I never thought I wouldn’t need caffeine or sugary foods. But, now I eat a really special dessert occasionally and don’t feel that “I need dessert” everyday anymore. My weight has returned to my weight of 20 years ago.

White processed flours and products were never a large part of my diet, but I am ever so much more aware of processed foods and have been very successful at eliminating them from my diet. I can truly say, “I feel a youthful exuberance that I mostly contribute to the improvement in my diet.”

I don’t feel I could have made these positive changes without the guidance of Dr. Grilliot.

43 Pounds Gone in 5 Months!

Sarah A.

My message, “I’m worth every effort it takes!”

In the past, I couldn’t do anything like exercise or walking. I weighed 294 pounds, my clothes didn’t fit, I had headaches all the time and my complexion was always broken out terribly.

I started seeing Dr. James Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre in December, 08 for nutrition counseling and weight management and in five (5) months I have lost forty-three (43) pounds! I feel really good now. My family and friends are surprised with how much weight I have lost and how much better it has mad me feel. I can now fit into a size 18 pants and will soon fit into an even smaller size. I rarely have headaches anymore either.

Before starting this program, I couldn’t walk 5,000 steps in a day and now it’s a “bad” day if I don’t reach over 10,000 steps in a day. My FREE stepometer fromNatural Wellness Centre tracks my steps each day so I will be sure to get enough walking exercise. With the weight management program, I’ve tried different foods that I didn’t like before and now I like the foods that are different and unusual. The book, “If It’s Not Food Don’t Eat It” has very good information in it. It is now my favorite book. I used to drink soft drinks and now I drink water or tea and really don’t like the soft drinks anymore.

Thank you from the bottom of my healthier heart.

Nutrition Testimony . . .


I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis 3 ½ years ago, but I was fortunate to have no joint damage yet. I lost about 80% of my functional movement in a week’s time due to swelling and pain. Whenever I would overuse my ankles and fingers, I would have swelling and stiffness that would last several days.

Working with a good rheumatologist, I am now on 1 medication that I take weekly to control my disease. I get a massage every 2 weeks and Healing Touch every other week and I devote time to prayer each day.

About 6 months ago, with Doctor Grilliot’s guidance, I started taking several Standard Process food supplements that I purchase from Natural Wellness Centre, and have noticed that I rebound from my bouts with swelling and stiffness much quicker than before. I realize good nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude are necessary for wellness and I am thankful for that. I find that the Standard Process supplements give a real boost to my overall health by providing the necessary nutrients that are geared towards my body’s needs.

Liver Purification – An Important Decision

Gloria D.

“So, you are beginning a liver purification program. If you are anything like me, you probably have several questions. Will this procedure actually help me? Will I notice a difference? Will I need to change my eating habits? Will I actually be able to stay with it? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding, “Yes.” Dr. Grilliot has the answer to all of your questions so you know what to expect when you start a Liver Purification process.

Before I embarked on this program, I was in a constant state of fatigue and frustration. I had forgotten what it was like to get up in the morning and feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day had in store for me. It was a major effort just to get through a normal day, and if anything outside the norm occurred, that just compounded my problem.

Hair analysis and saliva testing revealed several abnormalities in my chemical and hormonal balance. The fact was there was no “balance.” Even my young grandchildren noticed that Grandma was just not her old self. When Dr. Grilliot suggested the purification program, I was at the point of being willing to try anything to feel better and have energy to enjoy my grandchildren.

Was it difficult? I’m sure the answer to this question will be different for everyone. For me, some aspects were more difficult than others. The most difficult thing for me (and for others in close proximity to me) was to give up caffeine. I always felt I needed one cup of coffee to start the motor and a second one to be able to smile. Coffee was definitely my drink of choice. I noticed that giving up coffee was replaced by a severe headache for several days. Still, I continued to follow the diet program for the Liver Purification. I did manage to survive those first few days without caffeine and was surprised to notice that soon I didn’t need the coffee at all to get going in the morning. In fact, I woke up with more energy and a clearer mind. Imagine that!

Did I ever feel hungry on this diet? Not really, but mentally I could have “killed” for a juicy steak or an enormous helping of pasta. Not literally of course, but you understand what I’m saying.


  • This is a time to try some new vegetables and fruits. Variety really is the “spice of life.”
  • Take time to do the things that bring you joy and relaxation.
  • Fill your spirit with positive self-talk. Get rid of the negative thoughts that make you believe you can’t succeed or that you are a failure.
  • If you “slip up”, don’t quit and don’t beat yourself up. Keep on keeping on.

You have made an important decision – one that will empower you to take charge of your health. Good luck! You are going to be amazed at how much better you will feel in so many areas of your life.

Liver Purification – It Will Change Your Life


“I am a forty year old mother of 2 and have suffered for many years from irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating after meals, extreme cravings for sugar, having sugar lows in the afternoon, decreased sex drive and just an overall feeling of being sluggish all the time.

With the guidance of Doctor Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre, I made the decision to start and complete the liver purification program. I was a little nervous in the beginning because you are only allowed eat certain listed foods, but now I am craving those foods instead of sugar. Now, I have made time in my day for myself and to eat right, for the protein shakes and to exercise again. I am amazed how I feel overall after cleansing my body of the toxins. I wake up alert and ready to go, starting my day with a protein shake and finding I’m not ravenously hungry at lunch time. I do have a healthy lunch and make it through the afternoon with lots of energy and always ready for the evening without feeling tired yet. My bowels are moving regularly, my pants are fitting much better and I don’t feel bloated anymore. And, I don’t find myself heading to Tim Horton’s for doughnuts and coffee at 4:00 in the afternoon!! Something else that I didn’t realize I had a problem with was sleep. Now I sleep much deeper and feel more rested in the mornings. I can’t believe how much better, overall, my body is functioning on a daily basis. I find myself easily getting everything done that, before, seemed so difficult to do.

The best part about this purification program is that I have been able to change my eating habits and feel that they are life long changes. Not a 3 week change and then go back to eating the same old junk food as before. I haven’t felt this good in years and now want to continue feeling good. Wanting to continue feeling better makes it much easier to continue this lifestyle.

I would highly recommend this to anyone that is ready to make a change in their life and to start feeling better overall.

New Energy and Weight Loss, Too

Jenny J.

“My personal trainer at the gym I attend was seeing Dr. Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre for nutritional counseling and having good results. She suggested I go to see him as well.

I began my nutritional counseling and treatment in the summer of 2007. Prior to beginning my care at Natural Wellness Centre, I’d had all my blood work done within the past year and everything seemed normal on paper. Yet, I had been feeling tired and hadn’t had any energy for a few years. I had not been on a consistent exercise program for 6 months, and even when I did exercise, I was still tired. Usually I am a high energy person and now I had none. I felt I was becoming very lazy or maybe it could be because I was 35 years old and the aging process. Nevertheless, I was willing to try anything to get back to my former energetic self.

Towards my goal of getting and feeling better, I did a radon test for my home, followed Dr. Grilliot’s recommendations and completed the hair analysis, saliva testing and eventually concluded the Liver Purification program. I have to say I was excited to see if, by following Dr. Grilliot’s instructions, I could positively change the way I felt.

During the Liver Purification program, I lost weight by following the eating program and exercising. I feel the exercise helped boost the weight loss and also provide more energy. After completing the whole program, I felt lighter inside and outside with more energy than I have had in a long time. I tell everyone about this program and they can’t believe it.

I just want to encourage everyone to give the nutrition analysis and corrective nutritional programs a chance. But you have to be consistent and follow the program completely and by the book to get good results.

Thank you Natural Wellness Centre!

Life Changing Nutrition Help

Susan R.

“Where do I begin? I feel like a brand new person. When I started seeing Dr. James Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre for nutritional counseling, I think he was my last hope. For the last 10 years I was taking prescription drugs for hypothyroidism, acid reflux, constipation and PMS issues much to my dissatisfaction! Throughout this period, I continued to gain weight and couldn’t lose even it I ate “right”. Numerous times I tried to stop taking different medications with no success. And, I was constantly tired; I couldn’t sit down without falling asleep and I was miserable.

After doing some basic testing and a hair analysis, it was discovered that my body was not digesting foods properly and therefore, I was getting minimal nutrition from even healthy foods that I ate. This was mainly due to the medication I was taking. My body was in a severe state of fatigue and I couldn’t have remedied this problem without Dr. Grilliot’s help.

After the test results were analyzed, I started a supplement program and adjusted my choice of foods. He suggested a couple of books that were very helpful in this area: “If it’s not Food, Don’t Eat It” and another book that is about sugar sensitivity called, “Potatoes NOT Prozac.” This book CHANGED MY LIFE! It is about much more than the title implies.

I’ve been on this journey now for just over six months and I know I’ll never be the same. I’ve lost about 50 pounds… but the greatest thing is that I feel GREAT! I’m not exhausted all the time and I have more energy.

Recently I underwent the Liver Purification program which was WONDERFUL! It was a bit of a challenge but not too bad because I had already changed my eating habits. Since then, I have discovered other things I had been eating that just really don’t make me feel good. So, in the long run this will increase my feeling of well-being if I pay attention to what my body is telling me.

The bottom line for me is this; if I hadn’t committed myself to following the wisdom and guidance of Dr. Grilliot in this area of my life, I don’t think I would have ever “gotten better.” He was an answer to my prayer. God had used Dr. Grilliot to guide me in overcoming and healing something that has been a lifelong battle for me. His suggestions and direction have changed my family’s lives as well. We are all healthier and eating better than we ever have! And I am no longer taking any prescription drugs.

I encourage and implore YOU to just give Natural Wellness Centre’s doctors the opportunity to change your life. You won’t be sorry. As for me, I’ll be forever grateful for the impact Dr. Grilliot has had on my life.

I Used to Feel Tired and Lousy

Kristy W.

“At age 51, I was tired of being tired and feeling lousy; blaming it on hormones and anything else I could think of. I decided to become pro-active in making a positive change and investment in me. The general way I was feeling and the hot flashes brought me to seek help from Dr. James Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre. He’s treated me medically for about a year as well as treating my husband for many years.

After completing the exam and background information, Dr. Grilliot started me on some supplements specific for my problems. In about four (4) weeks time, they had made a huge difference. From that point, it was pretty easy. One thing led to another and I was really feeling better. I also participated in the Healthy Weight for Life classes offered at Fairfield Medical Center, which served to reinforce and complement the nutrition program Dr. Grilliot customized for me.

It’s all about choice and discipline, but the payoff is feeling great, looking healthy and taking responsibility to be better from the inside out. It’s eating to live rather the living to eat. My life is better and my health is better. It’s a lifestyle change and it takes commitment. But the benefit is so worth it. Why did I wait so long?”

Liver Purification – A Life Change


“My decision to follow Dr. Grilliot’s guidance and take part in the Liver Purification program was driven by my headaches.

“I’ve had constant headaches for the last six years. Now that I’ve completed the Liver Purification program to detoxify my body, my headaches have diminished, my sleep pattern is considerably better and I feel more rested. My energy levels have also increased.

I know that this is a “life change” for me that I will continue to follow not just a temporary fix.”

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