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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Fairfield Spine Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Dr. James Grilliot


Back to Normal, No Costly Tests, No Expensive Surgery

Paul B.

One day I woke up and my left arm felt like it was “asleep”, along with pain in my shoulder/neck and a slight stiff neck feeling. This condition progressively got worse over the next six (6) weeks. Some days my arm was “asleep”, numb and tingling as much as it was normal. Certain movements and motions would trigger the condition and then other movements and motions would relieve it. Back and forth all day long this would happen. More than real pain it was discomfort and it was inconvenient.

It was also stressful wondering if it would ever get better or keep getting worse. The fear that it would get really bad over time and might be something really serious was tremendously stressful.

After approximately six weeks of this come and go condition and the stress and fear of what was happening to me, I made an appointment with Dr. Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre. My treatment lasted ten weeks and included chiropractic adjustments, EMS stimulation therapy and physical therapy. Happily, I am now back to normal. No costly tests, no expensive surgery just good sensible care. Dr. Grilliot started working to relive the “pinched” nerve from day one. I was shown very simple and basic exercises from day one. I started noticing improvements from day one. Dr. Grilliot is also very informative about life changes and life style changes to keep me healthy in the future.

Well Again After 40+ Years of Pain

Arlene R.

I injured my neck and back in 1964 while doing a headstand. Over the years, I have endured neck pain every day. Then there is the tenderness and pain in my lower back and sometimes hip and sciatica pain as well. The neck and back pain has increased over the years and I only get relief from resting, inactivity, heat, and taking ibuprofen and Celebrex. The neck and back pain is worsened by sitting, standing, lifting and head movements.

I have been to a lot of different doctors for this condition and many of the treatments I’ve gone through were quite painful. I’ve never had complete relief from my symptoms and pain even though I’ve tried many things throughout the years.

Thanks to the doctor at Natural Wellness Centre, my neck pain is gone as my highly tender back pain and hip pain. And, I am happy to say, my care and treatment at Natural Wellness Centre wasn’t painful. Now, with the exercises I’ve been taught to do I can manage my condition to prevent pain and problems.

I am glad I finally found the right doctor!

Wonderful Relief – Headaches, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Terri A.

“When I began treatment at Natural Wellness Centre, I was in a lot of pain with my neck and shoulder. The one thing that improved the most was my shoulder. Just to have the tenderness and pain go away almost completely was a wonderful relief. I also bought a special pillow to help my headaches at night. Because I was more worried about how to lay my head on the pillow correctly, I wasn’t sleeping well at night. When I talked to the doctor about this worry, he told me to just relax and lay my head on the pillow and stop thinking too much about it. That night I came home, thought about what he said, laid my head down, relaxed and went to sleep. I haven’t awakened with any headaches since.

I know my involvement with chiropractic treatment isn’t over but I am so very happy with the progress that I made over a very short period of time.

Should Have Started 30 Years Ago

David P.

“I was referred to Natural Wellness Centre after an accident. The accident left me with a very painful wrist and neck pain. These injuries caused me loss of sleep and I was unable to use my left hand for extended periods of time.

After three (3) months of treatment, both my left wrist, hand and my neck are almost 100%.

I’ve been healthy all my life, but if I had realized the benefits of chiropractic heath care, I would have started thirty (30) years ago. Chiropractic will be a part of my life and preventive care from this point as a health maintenance program.

Thank all of you at Natural Wellness Centre so much!

Neck and Arm Pain Due to Auto Crash

Tim P.

Approximately three months before coming to Natural Wellness Centre I was in an auto crash. After the accident I had continuing pain in my neck, my mid back and my upper back. Then there were the headaches that I had for awhile also.

I went to see my family physician and even had costly x-rays taken prior to coming to Natural Wellness Centre for care. The x-rays didn’t show any problems and the pain was getting worse with time. I was now experiencing more pain in my right arm along with tingling sensations that went all the way down into my fingers. I have dealt with a lot of pain in the past, but this ever worsening pain wasn’t making it any easier to get up and go to work every day. As my work day continued, the bending, reaching and general use of my right arm made my pain and symptoms worse.

The treatment plan from the doctor at Natural Wellness Centre was aimed at giving me fast pain relief and then continue with getting me better and using my arm again. That is just what happened. I got immediate relief from the pain after my treatment and adjustment. Over a matter of a few weeks, I was able to use my right arm for most of the day without much difficulty. Now, after a little more time and care; the adjustments, treatments, stretching and rehabilitation exercises have gotten rid of the pain entirely.

Without the pain, it isn’t hard at all to get up and go to work. Thank you.

I Wonder Why I Waited So Long

Paula K.

Before coming to Natural Wellness Centre I was in constant discomfort. I didn’t go so far as to call it pain, but I experienced a constant dull ache in my neck and shoulder. It was there in the morning when I awoke and it never really went away during the day. It only became more noticeable as the day went on.

I couldn’t really remember when it started, I had just put up with the constant discomfort for many, many months. Finally, just the constant nagging irritation of it made me decide to seek treatment.

I have been just amazed that in only two weeks of the doctor’s manipulations plus doing the stretches and exercises that he recommended and I am now pain free (or irritation free anyway!) I can move my neck easier so driving is easier also. The exercises are not strenuous and are making it easier to more the longer I do them. I now have greater range of motion and feel so much better.

Now I wonder why I waited so long!

No More Neck Pain, Improved Mood and Restful Sleep!

Cheryl B.

Prior to seeing the doctor at Natural Wellness Centre, I experienced shoulder and neck pain for better than two years. Despite my regular doctor’s recommendation, I refused to be seen by a chiropractor. I tried acupuncture treatments and I did get pain relief for awhile, but the pain came back and it was worse. It was impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position and I slept very poorly. When I started having headaches in addition to the neck and shoulder pain, I knew I would have to try chiropractic care.

My chiropractic doctor prescribed a treatment plan which included spinal adjustments, electro-stimulation treatment, traction and therapeutic exercise. I was apprehensive that one or more of the treatment components might cause my pain to increase, but that has certainly not been the case. Great care has been taken by the doctor and staff at Natural Wellness Centre to pace my treatment so that it is totally comfortable for me. I have seen steady improvement in pain relief over a short period of time and look forward to being pain free soon!

I feel the treatments have helped in calming down my entire system. Sleep deprivation had been an issue for me for a long time, but I am now getting 7 to 8 hours of recuperative sleep every night. As a result, my mood is better and it is easier to cope with my daily activities.

Getting My Life Back on Track & Out of Pain

Barbara S.

Before coming to Natural Wellness Centre, I was in so much pain in my neck from a bulging disk. I couldn’t sleep at night and was having some vertigo problems and many headaches. Because of the pain, I was taking pain medications and muscle relaxers.

I had also had back surgery 2 years before and was having some discomfort in my lower back plus I’d been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about five years previously. My problems were getting out of control.

After coming to see Dr. Grilliot from November, 2008 to now, February of 2009, I have improved a great deal. I haven’t had the vertigo recently and I’m getting more sleep now. Now, I’m no longer taking the medication for pain and my fibromyalgia has also improved!

The care I have received from Dr. Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre has really made a big difference in my life in just 3 months time!!!

I am feeling as if my life is getting back on track!

I Only Wish I Had Done It Sooner

Sherie K.

I am so glad that I came to Natural Wellness Centre for help. I only wish I had done it sooner.

After suffering with this constant neck stiffness and pain along with frequent headaches for the last year, I knew I needed to do something about it. The problems were slowly worsening and I needed to find relief for the pain.

I don’t know what caused the pain and problems but it was affecting my life all the time and sometimes the throbbing pain made me feel sick to my stomach. The aching, stiffness, neck pain and even shoulder pain were worsened by any lifting, driving and even by sleeping.

After only a few weeks of treatment by Dr. Grilliot I have noticed tremendous improvement. I no longer have the throbbing pain in my neck and shoulder and I have not had a single headache recently. I am now able to drive and sleep very comfortably and also to lift light weight with no problems. While I still have some stiffness and soreness in my neck and shoulder the stretches and therapy I’ve been taught to do at home and at work help greatly.

I am very confident that with continued use of my stretches and therapy at home I will make a full recovery and be able to maintain my health and wellness on my own at home.

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