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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Natural Wellness Centre patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Health and Wellness,
Dr. James Grilliot


Surgery Wasn’t Necessary

Carol K.

Approximately 1 year ago, I began experiencing limited movement with my left shoulder and arm. It initially began as stiffness and has progressed to sharp pain. It seems like with certain movements, the whole left shoulder wants to lock-up. Over the course of the past year, the problem doesn’t seem to be getting a lot worse; however, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better either. I was prescribed Celebrex to try and reduce some of the pain; however, it really hasn’t helped that much. X-rays had been taken and I was told that I’ve got a lot of arthritis in my left shoulder region. Unfortunately, there are many things that I cannot do with my left arm because of the pain within the left shoulder and it’s getting a lot more difficult to perform many of my daily activities.

My general health has been good but the pain in my shoulder was limiting my life. I had difficulties stacking dishes in the cupboard as well as the simple activity of putting on my coat. In an attempt to regain better use of my shoulder and arm, I came to Natural Wellness Centre and began the treatment plan Dr. Grilliot outlined for me.

After several months of treatments and exercises, I feel much more ease of movement in my shoulder without all the pain. Even sleeping on my bad shoulder no longer causes pain. Daily activities have become much easier and pleasant without the pain and restricted movement.

Caring, Friendly and Efficient Treatment

Ron I.

Natural Wellness Centre is one of the most caring, friendly efficient and professional practices I have ever encountered. I received excellent treatment and enjoyed the friendly and caring staff.

Thank you.

Keep Up the Good Work

Gloria D.

Dear Natural Wellness Centre,

First of all allow me to apologize for taking so long to write this letter. It seems as though every time I had good intentions, I would get interrupted or be too tired and unable to focus. Doctor, thank you so much for being concerned enough to take care of my “aches and pains” at a time when it was obviously apparent that you had other commitments. You have always treated me with kindness and genuine concern, and for that I thank you. You have the unique gift of treating the whole person and not just the symptoms.

I especially want to express my appreciation to your entire staff, from your receptionist’s cheerful greeting right down to the chiropractic assistant placing the pads on my back. Your staff is the best I have encountered anywhere. Everyone is positive, caring, and extremely helpful. Thanks to all of you I am no longer “suffering with aches and pains”. Keep up the wonderful work.

I Stuck to it and Came Out a Winner. . .


“When I first came to Natural Wellness Centre, my pain was so great I felt like I really I could not live much longer with this amount of pain. I’ve been coming to NWC for over one and ½ years and have experienced a pain reduction of almost 80%. I’m now going to the YMCA and doing a Boot Camp program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. On Tuesday and Thursday I participate in a Core and More class as well.

I think the biggest thing to remember is we did not get this way in a month and it’s not going to go away in a week or a month.

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