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Nick Hundley, LMT

Nick Hundley, LMT

The Natural Wellness Centre is excited to announce the addition of Nick Hundley, LMT to their wellness facility.

Mr. Hundley began his interest in the field of health in 2007 after learning the importance of the quality of nutrition and proper exercise on his own health, which came about through this own experience of dealing with weight management trials and perpetuating health issues.

Mr. Hundley shares,

I saw the bigger picture and this lead me to be interested in the ways in which the body functions. Becoming a licensed massage therapist has opened my life and mind to a whole new world of health and wellness that I never knew, part of which, is helping people in all the ways massage therapy can offer. This has created a fulfillment in my life.

Nick Hundley conveys a positive attitude in learning to enjoy every minute of each day, keeping a passion for learning and experiencing the great outdoors.

Mr. Hundley completed the massage therapy program at Daymar College and resides in Lancaster with his family. Appointments can be set up with Nick Hundley by contacting the Natural Wellness Centre at 740-687-0279.

Massage Therapist

Emily, LMT

Welcome Emily, LMT. Starting in January

Welcome Emily, LMT. Starting in January

Emily developed a passion for health and wellness as a teenager after discovering the tremendous impact a healthy lifestyle had on some ailments she had been suffering from. The lifelong journey she embarked on of learning about the amazing and incredibly complex machine we call the human body has been a fascinating and rewarding experience, and she is excited to see where it will continue to take her. She completed her Massage Therapy training at Hocking College and feels incredibly blessed that she has been given the opportunity to make a living through helping people. In her free time, Emily enjoys yoga, the outdoors, and spending time with family, and she believes that gratitude is the key to happiness.
Appointments can be set up with Emily, starting in January by contacting the Natural Wellness Centre at 740-687-0279.
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