Massage Therapists

IMG-0171George McGill III, LMT

George McGill III, LMT enjoys solving problems and helping others. George benefited from Massage Therapy as an athlete, to combat injuries and soreness – this led him to pursue a career in Massage Therapy, to help others experience the benefits of Massage by helping with their muscular dysfunction and general soreness. His passion is to help determine why someone’s injury or soreness occurred, and not only work to solve the problem, but also to help ensure the issue does not occur again through education and active listening.
George graduated from the Columbus School of Medical Massage and received his license from the State of Ohio in October of 2020. George and his wife, Emily, live in Groveport and he enjoys spending quality time with her, his family, and his close friends.

Appointments can be set up with George McGill by contacting the Natural Wellness Centre at 740-687-0279.

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