2016 Liver Purification Results

Dear Liver Purification Participant,

Congratulations! You have accomplished what many individuals believe they cannot change- their diet and improve their health.  Your participation in our program indicates that you’re willing to make changes in your diet and lifestyle in order to take better control of your present and future health.  Of the participants that I was able to contact, all state that what they experienced and the knowledge they gained was well worth the effort. Certainly, some individuals were very skeptical of whether or not they could accomplish the task of modifying their diet based on well-ingrained habits.  Yet, in speaking with those same individuals after the program, they all were extremely pleased with the progress. Some, to the extent of describing what they experienced as, “transformation!”

For most individuals, the reason they remain so surprised of the changes that can occur within a three to four week timeframe is perceptual: most people have the long-held belief that food has relatively little to do with the development and progression of disease and the maintenance of our individual health.  In contrast, as you have learned what I believe and am supported with overwhelming scientific evidence- is that the quality of our foods has a direct and fundamental bearing on the quality of our health, a markedly more so even than the genes we inherit.

It is for that exact reason why I think it so critical that you don’t consider your program a 21-day done occurrence.  For those of you who are or not my nutrition patients, please be reminded that continuing a shake per day, minimizing your meat intake, maintaining your 2-1 vegetable to fruit intake with sufficient water intake, should be part of your mainstay daily diet.  Adding individual foods bake into your diet in order to denote any potential food intolerance is logistical.  Minimizing any for of sugar, wheat and milk intake is always a good idea.  These should be considered long-term dietary lifestyle modification; not, something that is temporary to enjoy modified symptom control or weight loss as most of you experienced.

What is most enjoyable for me every year when we do our ” Solutions not Resolutions” liver purification program- is to witness the consistency of change in so many different individuals.  Over the years, whether it’s the first time for some individuals in doing the program or frequent flyer members who have done the program seven or eight times- the results remain the same- positive changes! For most individuals the results themselves are powerful enough that many of the dietary changes remain. As it is with some individuals- ingrained habits and lifestyle sooner or later overtakes their best intentions and the long-term results are not what they were hoping for .  Please remember…once you have gained the knowledge, the dietary changes are always something that you can put back into practice!  I’m not going to tell you that making lifestyle modification is easy; but, when the value of improved health becomes a big enough reason to make the changes necessary- you will!  Any positive change is better than no change at all!

In all, 24 individuals participate din our program.  In an attempt to contact everyone(which took longer than I had anticipate), I’ve been able to be in contact with 20 participants.  The average weight loss per participant was 10.86 pounds. We had a high of 34+ pounds lost and a low of 3.8 pounds.

Although there was a great deal of diversity in the positive symptom changes that people experience the more common where; improvement of sleep 12/20, weight loss 20/20, improvement of physical energy 16/20, decrease in joint pain 8/20, overall mood enhancement 11/20, decrease sugar craving 14/20, decreased acid reflux 4/20, improvement of skin complexion 3/20, improvement of bowel frequency 12/20, and six individuals emphasized how proud they were of their reduction of soft drink intake.

Of the 20 people that I spoke with- 12 decided to have their blood lipid profile taken before and after the 21-day purification program.  The time between initial blood draw and final blood draw was between 4-7 weeks.  In that time frame, those 12 individuals had their A1c checked – all four experienced improved A1c numbers.  All of this occurred with no additional pharmaceuticals or restricting their diet by weight, volume, or counting points.  Yes some types of foods were restricted; but that’s why the program works!  If we continue to do what we have always done- we will merely get more of what we’ve always got.

What I do not have for you is the number of inches of waist loss, dress size reduction, and/or lesser number of holes on the belt now being used. But I can assure you that this- there has been a decrease in all the above.

What I would like to be able to share with you is the positive attitude change that people have experienced.  This is being accomplished by having already several of  you complete a video testimonial of your 21-day liver purification experience.  I have a number of individuals yet to complete this task.  The testimonials will be put on our website for all to view. For me personally- this is icing on the proverbial cake of this process. To see and hear the excitement of the changes that people have accomplished in such a short period of time ( come of the changes in symptoms that people have experienced for double digit years), and the renewed encouragement that they can continue on the road to improved health is something I cherish.  It helps me fulfill our mission statement of , “Helping people become a better version of themselves.”

If you’re not a nutrition patient and wish to discuss your results in greater detail- feel free to schedule an appointment with Linda, our receptionist.

If you are a nutrition patient; by now or certainly in the near future- we will have a talked about your results.

In closing, I again want to thank you for your participation.  Each choice in our life brings us either closer to better health or further away from our idea health.  Choices are not always easy and certainly each of our own individual lives can be very complicated.  However…the results speak for themselves of how better choices can improve our health and that is what I want you to remember!

Be well!

Dr. G


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