Discover Wellness with Dr. G Podcast | From Field to Table Part 1

Discover Wellness with Dr. G

With temperatures becoming optimal for planting, the current economy, and many concerned about a good local food source, interest in planting a personal garden has increased greatly. Forbes magazine put out an article in April that referenced the growing trend in planting  COVID-19 Victory Gardens.  Regardless of your “why,”  the next two reboot episodes of Discover Wellness with Dr. G give timely information on the “how” of organic gardening, the importance of understanding soil health and agriculture.

We would like to dedicate this episode in memory of Tim Kimpel, who Dr. Grilliot hosted and interviewed in 2012.  As a great throwback in 2020 hindsight, Tim shared insight, tips, and information in a time that was just seeing a resurgence of interest of the organic farming and gardening practices that have now become a  norm and great share of market demand.  Tim was a delight to interview along with his wife by his side. May this interview continue to inspire many with his story, what he has learned in agriculture, and his desire to help others.  Tim left a wonderful legacy in both family, farming, and impact on his community.  Sweet Meadows market referenced in the segment is no longer open in Zanesville.  The family still operates the farm.

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