Cigarette Addiction

Cigarette Addiction

Smoking is man’s abomination to the body, but fifty percent of the population at the present time is still smoking cigarettes! If God wanted you to smoke, he would have built a cigarette on your lip!

Nicotine is the opposite molecule of Niacin. Another name for Niacin is Nicotinic Acid. With Nicotine, the Niacin in the brain is displaced and replaced with the Nicotine, causing an addiction to the cigarettes. When the addicted person is not able to have the Nicotine, irritableness, depression or crabbiness are evident. This individual feels an inability to relax until after procuring “the fix” — a cigarette. The relaxation a person feels after having smoked a cigarette is due to the addiction to the Nicotine that has displaced the Niacin in the body.

Why “quitting Cold-Turkey” increases weight gain

If a person wishing to stop smoking does it “cold turkey,” usually the body will start to put on weight. The reason for this is that the Niacin now needs to displace the Nicotine that is phasing out.

Niacin is one of the “enrichments” in white bread and this is why many people who stop smoking will start to search out starches which contain Niacin.

By administering Niacin and Niacinamide, the person will not have cravings for starches, so the weight will not be gained if Niacinamide or Niacin is utilized.

Tar Buildup in your lungs

Another thing smoking does is tar the lungs. It would be to useful to visualize a sponge. The function of a sponge is to absorb liquid, but if the sponge is sprayed with something like nail polish, it will harden and solidify and be unable to absorb liquid.

By tarring the lungs with cigarette tar, the lungs are not functioning, as they should be. Therefore, the blood is not being purified because it is not getting the oxygen that it needs to do so.

Oxygen is very important to the body. The body can go without food for forty days and without water for six or seven days, but the body cannot go without oxygen for more than six minutes. This is how precious air is to the body. Oxygen purifies the blood, so when you smoke, you are curtailing your lungs’ ability to purify the blood. Therefore, over a long period of time, the blood will become contaminated and start to affect the other parts of the body.

Drastic effects on Vitamin C levels

It is said, that each cigarette burns up twenty-five milligrams of Vitamin C. The job that Vitamin C does in the body, is basically clean it up, but we have found that is also burns Sulfur. Ironically, the throat coughs, which you get, are Nicotine demands from the brain, but we have found that smoking also burns up Sulfur in the blood.

To replace the Sulfur, we have used the Sulfur-containing amino acids: Methionine and Cysteine and the herbs Sarsaparilla and Fenugreek. When the Sulfur in the system has been burned up, the smoker might experience a sore throat, which usually means there is a fat allergy.

The antidote to the fat allergy is Sulfur. When a person with a fat allergy has a piece of bread and butter along with eggs, there will probably be a coughing fit because of the fat (butter), and feel the need to light up another cigarette. By doing this, more Sulfur will be thrown out (remember Sulfur purifies the blood), thus making the
situation worse.

Cigarettes make you age quicker, but why?

Sulfur is the beauty mineral, being used to make beautiful skin, hair and nails. Cigarette smoking throws out Sulfur along with L-Methionine and L-Cysteine, the amino acids that make the cells more flexible. Therefore, cigarette smoking can actually be considered an aging device, causing a person to age faster than normally.

Our Life-Extension Program can help!

One of the first things we recommend to people who enter a Life-Extension Program is to stop smoking.
One of the things which smoking is believed to cause is a Hiatal hernia. We believe this is true because when an allergic substance enters the system; there will be explosions in the stomach affecting the hiatal valve.

When the allergic foods are eaten, the acid in the stomach will come up into the hiatal valve of the esophagus and burn it, causing what is known as a Hiatal hernia. One of the most important things to do when this condition occurs is to stop smoking.

Stopping smoking is much easier said than done, but we believe that if a person’s health is restored, that this might make it easier to stop.

Some of the things used in our process to cure smokers are:

1.Niacin, a vaso-dilator, to displace Nicotine in the brain.
2.Vitamin B-15, to give the body more oxygen so the desire to smoke would be less.
3.Vitamin E, to utilize oxygen in the body more thoroughly.
4.The herb Golden Seal, to melt the tar from the lungs.

One thing, which should be mentioned about the herb Golden Seal, is that is should not be used in the beginning of the program. Since it actually melts tar from the lungs and acts as an expectorant, it will bring up a lot of green and yellow phlegm from the lungs, which might make the person fearful.

This herb should be used after the smoking has stopped and the lungs have begun to reconstruct, as if it is done all at once, the person might suffer a traumatic experience and go back to smoking.

Another device that can be used is a special filter that contains a water chamber. What the filter does is lessen the intake of nicotine and tar from the cigarette making it easier for a person to switch to a lower tar and nicotine cigarette, and eventually stop. By using a filter, the person will also see the trappings of the tar in the filter, which normally enters the lungs. This will hopefully make them think twice about what they are putting into their bodies, and perhaps take an adverse stand against smoking.

A book that we recommend for people who wish to stop smoking is “You Can Stop,” by Smoke Enders (cofounder), Jacquelyn Rogers. The book is published by Pocket Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New
York, New York, 10020.

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