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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Natural Wellness Centre patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Life Has Endless Possibilities Without Back Pain & Headaches!

Jennifer W.

In the past I had constant upper and lower back pain and my migraine headaches were coming at least once if not twice a week. It was never a question of if I would have a headache but just how bad the headache would be. My son would ask me everyday if my head and back hurt. My husband would tell me I was the sickest well person he had ever met.

I was so frustrated just thinking of how I could deal with my headaches and not even considering any of my other aches and pains and if they would go away. I was venting my frustrations and worries to a co-worker who sang the praises of Dr. Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre and she insisted that I call him and make an appointment. I did and after my very first visit and adjustment plus treatment, I had a weekend without a headache. I was so amazed and thankful!

Now, I am doing great and my son hasn’t even asked if I have a headache. I am sleeping through the night and have more patience and energy. As I continued with my visits, not only my headaches are gone but the pain in my upper and lower back is gone as well. The sky is the limit this summer and playing outside with my son has endless possibilities.

Free from Chronic Pain – I Feel Young and Health

Derrica B

It has always been hard for me to watch my friends have the energy and ease to last all day. At age 22, I felt that I was always watching the fun but never having it myself. I have had horrible back pain and chronic fatigue since I could remember. I wondered, “Was it all in my head and am I just lazy?” “Was I just a lazy 22 year old?” I finally decided that my pain might not be something that would go away on its own over time and that I should see someone to find out what was causing the back pain.

My wonderful mother had experienced the same symptoms as mine and was getting relief from her pain due to the treatments she got by Dr. James Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre. She swore by Dr. Grilliot and his ability to help her. My decision to see Dr. Grilliot was a good one. What I found was not just relief, but a life changing experience. I found warmth, understanding, friendship and best of all, health. My back has never felt better and I am starting to feel like my age of 22.

I’m getting better day by day. Health is a process that I was encouraged to be involved in and pro-active about. Now, there is not only relief from chronic pain, but I have gained a new life and a second shot at taking part in all the fun and activities that my friends enjoy. Dr. Grilliot and his staff have given me all the tools I need to take charge of my body and my health.

Going to Natural Wellness Centre was one of the best gifts I could have ever given to myself?

Oh, How My Quality of Life has Improved!

Cheryl T.

When I first came to Natural Wellness Centre my back hurt almost daily. I woke each morning sore and achy in my lower back especially. I had accepted the pain as an inevitable part of my life and as a result of aging. Now, after just a few weeks of treatment by Dr. Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre and I am pain free! My sleep has improved and I never wake up feeling achy. I can exercise more and the result is a greatly improved quality of life.

Six Treatments and I Feel Great!

Marjorie A.

My back ached… I had bad headaches. As I had received chiropractic treatments before, I knew I needed to start them again. But, I kept putting it off. My husband said, “You need to see the back doctor.” “I know when your back is out, you are moody, grouchy and not fit to live with” Finally, I made the appointment to see Dr. Grilliot. I knew he could and would help me. Six treatments and I feel great!

My husband, Bill is glad to see me feeling good and acting natural. I do the exercises I’ve been taught and will continue to see Dr. Grilliot. He is great and it is really great how he helped me. Now I feel fine. I used to work long hours and not rest. Now I take my time and do the exercises which help me to rest.

Listen to the doctor. He is right.

Patin that Disabled Me and Now I’m Downhill Skiing

Susan K

I am writing this success story while sitting on the beach at Cape Hatteras. And I remember that one year ago I was sitting on the same beach unable to walk on the beach without using a cane. Even with a cane I could not walk on the beach because every step would send a jolt of pain through my legs that reflexively brought tears to my eyes. This pain and disability was entirely new to me. I had always been healthy and very physically active; roller blading, cross country and downhill skiing, hiking, damping, yard work, etc. I was only 46! All kinds of crazy things were running through my head – MS? Some other neurological disease? Cancer? My father had died from cancer only a couple of years before and part of his decline involved leg pain and loss of mobility.

I was afraid to go to the doctor because I was afraid of the diagnosis. My podiatrist, who had treated me for Plantar Fasciitis, was puzzled. She sent me for an EMG which showed the nerves were okay. I finally went to my primary care physician who sent me for an MRI of my back. The results showed some garden-variety lower back arthritis that is pretty inevitable with age and activity, but the MRI also showed that I had lumbar abruption and spinal Stenosis which prompted a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. He immediately advised epidural shots into my back for pain management and surgery involving plates and screws! Where were the low level intervention suggestions? I was told there was no other successful treatment.

Two good friends referred me to Dr. Grilliot at Natural Wellness Centre. They were very enthusiastic with their success. I was lukewarm about the idea; my PCP was lukewarm about the idea as well. I decided, “What the heck it’s the only alternative to cutting my back open that anyone has come up with,” and I respected the opinions of my two friends. I do not have enough room here to adequately sing the praises of Dr. Grilliot and the staff at Natural Wellness Centre! I still remember the first time he looked me straight in the eyes and told me, “I can help you become pain free.” My inner voice told me “no way” he just doesn’t understand how bad the pain is. The rest of me began to respond to the hope and positive outlook he was extending to me. And, his enthusiasm and that of his office staff became as important to my healing as did the actual treatments that I agreed to start that day. By the end of that 1st two weeks – 6 actual treatments – my pain was reduced to half of what it had been. By the end of 3 months of treatment I was downhill skiing, walking the dogs, and was nearly pain free as long as I didn’t do something stupid like trying to move the dresser by myself. Or, if I failed to follow my treatment recommendations by skipping my back strengthening exercises.

Today, I sit here on the beach after a little body surfing, about to take a 2 mile walk down to the pier and I shudder to think where I’d be if not for Natural Wellness Centre. Believe me, I’m not one to shower people with praise – I feel it should be earned. If you are still on the fence after reading this testimony… call me – I’ll tell you more about how good it feels to have my health back and a more intelligent and holistic style of dealing with my spinal Stenosis and arthritis thanks to Dr. Grilliot and Natural Wellness Centre.

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