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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Natural Wellness Centre patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Health and Wellness,
Dr. James Grilliot


I Can Walk Again…

Barbara P.

It started with back injury. Before I came to Natural Wellness Centre and saw Dr. Grilliot, I could not stand for walk longer than fifteen minutes. After that short amount of time, I had so much pain I had to sit down. After my care at Natural Wellness Centre by Dr. Grilliot, I am glad to say that I’m so much better. I can walk and do the things I used to do. I was so afraid that I’d have to have surgery but that isn’t my fear now because I no longer have the pain that limited my activities before. All I can say is thank you, thank you!

My Pain Decreased Better Than 90%

Terry B.

Before I came to Natural Wellness Centre, I was having calf muscle and foot pain in both legs from working on concrete for eight to ten hours a day. I was referred to Natural Wellness Centre by someone who had been treated there before.

After an examination, I was informed that with treatment, which included custom orthotics for my flat feet, that I could improve my health. In a matter of six weeks, with treatment and special exercises, I went from pain 90% of the time to less than 10% of the time and I can control the pain I do have with the home exercises I was taught.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my care and treatment and the professional attitudes of all of the staff.

Here I Am 4 Months Later – Pain Free

Denise P.

I was having constant lower back pain that went into my right hip for several years. Recently, the pain began intensifying and started to radiate down my right leg and foot. It got so bad that I went to the Emergency Room to try to get some pain relief. The doctor put me on pain meds and steroids and gave me the name of a pain specialist. I wasn’t ready to have Lumbar Steroid injections. I decided I wanted a second opinion!

My friend, Bobi, asked me to make an appointment with Dr. James Grilliot, a chiropractor that had done wonders giving her relief from her back pain. I made an appointment and had a consultation with Dr. Grilliot and was amazed how he knew exactly what I was experiencing. Even walking into the office and experiencing how friendly everyone was, made me feel comfortable. Dr. Grilliot started with a history and physical exam a completed a thorough evaluation. Then he started me on a regimen of strengthening, Myofascial massage, chiropractic adjustments and home exercises plus stretching.

The weekly appointments soon decreased to once monthly. I feel great as long as I continuing doing my stretches and strengthening exercises. Being able to home manage my condition is a real plus.

When I first started going to Dr. Grilliot, I just wanted the pain in my right hip and leg to go away. I thought the lower back pain would continue and be something I would just have to live with. But, here I am 4 months later and completely pain free!

Recovered and Back to Work

Tracy M

I hurt my back while I was at work. After going to the emergency room, I was sent home with pain killers and a medication to relax the muscles. The following week, I tried to return to work but my back was in terrible pain. I could not take the pain medication and drive so I was not able to go to work.

The next day I called Natural Wellness Centre and was seen right away. After a careful examination and evaluation a treatment plan was written and begun the next day. I quickly began to feel better and recover. In just one month my back is so much better and stronger. Now, I’m back to work.

Climbing the Ladder of Success . . .


“Discomfort in my mid-back and the pain I was having in my neck is what first brought me to Natural Wellness Centre. Both affected my ability to do school work comfortably and sometimes even impaired my concentration. Headaches were not uncommon.

Since receiving treatment at Natural Wellness Centre, my back and neck pain has been significantly reduced in intensity and duration. The combination of chiropractic adjustments and exercises coupled with some minor changes in my daily routine has worked great. The pain diminished substantially in the course of just a couple of weeks.”

Walking is Fun Again . . .


“It’s hard to believe the limits that were the result of my constant pain. It was hard to walk, my back was very tight, and I could not pick up much of anything at home or at work. I was in pain all the time at work and I wouldn’t bend over for anything. And, I had put on weight with the lack of activity.

Due to the treatment and care at Natural Wellness Centre, walking is fun again! My work has gotten easier because I’m not in constant pain and I can pick up things that I wouldn’t even attempt to lift before. Now, I’ve started to take off some of the weight I gained and my activity level has increased a lot.”

Lower Back, Hip and Leg Pain . . .


“I went to my family doctor experiencing severe pain in my lower back, hip and down my left leg. She referred me to Natural Wellness Centre at that time. I admit I was a little skeptical about it at first because I had never been to a chiropractor. But, after a couple of visits I knew I was on the right path.

At that time I couldn’t stand to lie on my left side at all. Between the doctor and his staff, I was being taught how to manage my pain and lessen it. The doctor’s manipulations and the exercises were reducing the pain. I was taught how to support my lower body in bed by the use of a pillow to elevate my legs. A few months later and I can once again sleep on my left side for a few hours. I can honestly say, it’s been a few months since I’ve felt that awful pain in my left side. Some will always be there because of my condition, but now I know how to manage the pain without the use of drugs. Chiropractic care is highly recommended by me.”

“Thank you Natural Wellness Centre.”

I Tried Chiropractic and Solved My Problems. . .


“I’m a 57 year old man that has had lower back problems for the past 30 years. It used to be that the pain worked itself out in 2 to 3 days so I never sought medical care. Also, in the past, the chiropractic care concept wasn’t understood nor well accepted as it is today

“In 2006 I developed lower back pain that traveled down my left leg. I also developed a heel spur and now suffered with back, leg, and heel pain that wouldn’t go away. My first choice in seeking care was Natural Wellness Centre and the doctors at NWC. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Next to quitting smoking, my decision to come to Fairfield Spine Center was one of the best health care choices of my life. Why? How am I now? My back pain, my leg pain and my heel spurs are non-existent!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not cured. But, with the doctor’s care and the treatment I received at Natural Wellness Centre, I’ve learned the things I must do to take care of and care for myself. I would highly recommend Natural Wellness Centre to anyone. “Try it like I did.”

Pain Free & Back on the Course . . .


“Having experienced, from time to time, what I considered normal back pain, how surprised I was 3 ½ years ago when I was almost taken to my knees after a hard golf swing which caused me to leave the course in severe pain. Thinking I’d pulled a back muscle that would take time to heal, I decided not to pursue medical treatment.

Following three weeks of muscle spasms and intense pain, I was examined by my medical doctor who suggested my back pain might be bone related as I’d had Prostate cancer two years prior. An MRI and x-rays proved negative for cancer and the diagnosis was severely pulled back muscles. He prescribed a muscle relaxant drug and the eventually the pain ceased. However, every few months the pain would recur; each time being more severe and lasting longer.

When the pain re-occurred again in January 2006, it was almost unbearable at times and was more severe and longer lasting than ever before. I was resigning myself to a lifetime of pain and medication when my medical doctor suggested, Natural Wellness Centre for treatment. During my first appointment February 2, 2007, the doctor read my x-rays, diagnosed the problem and started a series of treatments and therapy. The doctor and his staff were professional and thorough and by the end of March, I was pain free.

My gratitude and appreciation to the doctors and staff of Natural Wellness Centre can be expressed by my relief that with a home therapy and exercise program, I can live a life free of back pain… and I’m back on the golf course again.”

Sick and Tired of Taking Pain Pills. . .


“Before I became a patient at Natural Wellness Centre, I thought I could never feel well enough to walk without the fear of falling. I’ve had many falls at home and I lived in fear of falling and the fear of eventually living my life in a wheelchair. You see; four or five years ago, I experienced a serious injury due to falling down my very steep basement steps. I was on crutches for quite awhile and the fall left me with arthritis. I’d gotten so handicapped it was difficult for me to walk across a room. Before I started treatment at NWC, I dreaded waking each morning because of pain. I dreaded going to bed at night because most of the night I cried and moaned with pain. Most of the day, I would sit feeling sorry for myself. The only answer I received from several doctors was… pain medication and the news that I needed surgery. I was sick and tired of taking pain pills and surgery was not my idea of an answer to my pain.

A dear friend kept encouraging me to make an appointment with the doctors at Natural Wellness Centre. My first day as a patient at Natural Wellness Centre was much different than I’d expected. I received encouragement and smiles and so much help and hope. Due to their treatment and care, I can, again walk without pain and I can walk longer distances. I can once again do some shopping, which I had completely given up before these wonderful people helped me. To go up and down steps was a thing I dreaded because of the pain but now I can do this. I visit my children now and know I can walk across a room without the fear of falling. It’s such a wonderful feeling! My legs, knees and feet are less swollen due to following the doctor’s advice (the doctors have great knowledge), getting the treatments and doing the exercises.

I frequently get trigeminal neuralgia and the pain is unbearable. So, in 2006 I went to see another doctor for this and was given strong drugs (old habits are hard to break). The side effects were unreal… causing me such dizziness, etc. I fell because I didn’t realize this side effect was going to happen. Additionally, I have TMJ Syndrome which causes another type of pain altogether. Well, the doctors can treat both of these disorders. I have been treated for both of them and without medications that cause unbearable side effects.

I have learned so much from the doctors and staff at NWC. And, I have gained so much. Thank you doctors and staff; you’re the greatest.”

I Didn’t Need Surgery for the Pain! . . .


“I had long been diagnosed with degenerative disc which continued to develop into spondylolisthesis (where one vertebra is shifting forward). This condition caused me to suffer with severe sciatic leg pain and made everyday tasks difficult and painful to perform.

The doctor at Natural Wellness Centre put me on a treatment regimen of stretching exercises and electrical stimulation which stated easing the pain. Along with that, I started the physical therapy he prescribed; riding a stationary bike and then graduated to walking while in a pool.

While my problem can never be cured except possibly by surgery, the inflammation has diminished to the point that I rarely have any leg pain. And this has been accomplished without any surgery! With the proper muscles strengthened, I can now walk longer and I can function without pain while doing my normal, everyday tasks.

Thanks so much Natural Wellness Centre!”

What a Relief, The Pain is Gone . . .


“It started with a leg injury. When I injured my leg, I wasn’t able to put pressure on it without intense pain. During my first visit to Natural Wellness Centre, I cried as I lay on the treatment table before the doctor came into the room. After his arrival and review of my problem, he assured me that it was not my back that was injured but, instead, a pulled muscle that was pinching a nerve. What a relief; he could help me!

Now, after the care I received at Natural Wellness Centre, I can walk with no limp or pain. I can dress myself in the normal manner, and little things like sneezing and coughing don’t cause me pain anymore. Today, I am pain-free most of the time. If I do something to strain the muscle, I have stretches to do, which I learned at Natural Wellness Centre, that fix the problem quickly. Thank you, staff and doctors of Natural Wellness Centre!”

I’ve Had Back Pain Since Age 14

Ashley D.

“My back pain started when I was fourteen (14). After a visit to my family physician, I was told that there was nothing wrong but I had aching and pain in my mid and upper back. On a 1 to 10 pain scale my pain was a 9 or 10 most of the time. My mom took me to Natural Wellness Centre because she had great results there after a car accident.

I’m sixteen (16) now and I wake up most days with little to no pain at all. I feel that the doctor at NWC has been the best. The staff there is always nice and have smiles on their faces every time I’ve been there. I’ve been a patient at Natural Wellness Centre for about a year and a half and always feel welcome.

Thank you to the doctor and the staff.

Back Pain That Kept Me on Bed Rest

Nicole M.

“Before I started coming to Natural Wellness Centre, my lower back pain kept me on bed rest. After my first few treatments, I could, again, do my daily tasks with some pain. In a couple of weeks, I was feeling good. Over the years (I still come in for monthly wellness appointments) I have learned that little changes can make a huge difference. I learned 1) doing exercises earlier in the day helps my back in the morning, 2) ice packs are great for inflamed joints, 3) glucosamine synergy helps your joints, 4) I love my theraball and 5) the correct bed firmness makes a huge difference. The theraball is essential to doing your daily stretches and you need to make it a part of your life. Most recently, I’ve had knee pain for a year. I now have custom molded orthotics and felt an immediate difference; no more knee pain.

Now my back will tighten up when doing something out of the norm such as gardening but by using ice and faithfully doing my stretches, I get through it. I come to Natural Wellness Centre for my monthly wellness visits to insure my back is not getting too tight. I take my glucosamine, which I took for about a month before really noticing a change, and stretch and exercise every other day or sometimes daily if needed. I love my orthotics. I never thought they would help as much as they do. I can lead a normal pain free life thanks to NWC. Pain can be depressing but try chiropractic and do what your doctor suggests and you will be better quicker than you think!

Dedicated Commitment to My Care . . .


“Having come to Natural Wellness Centre based on the recommendations of many friends and coworkers I quickly learned that this was no ordinary medical office. I was desperate to find answers and to receive treatment that would eliminate or control the pain I was experiencing from a rather unusual medical condition. The pain had gotten so bad and so constant that I could no longer function in my daily life and was not able to work. I had been many other places and hadn’t gotten any dedicated commitment to resolving my problems.

There would be a few short-term treatments and lots of medications with lots of side effects and I was getting worse not better. Life truly was not worth living because I could not function and my life was not in my control. Pain controlled me. At NWC a treatment plan was established and started. There was pain control and progress immediately. Due to the nature of my condition, I was referred to a specialist for co-treatment of my condition.

Natural Wellness Centre and the specialist have been co-managing my care ever since with such success that I function, live happily and returned to work. Life had come down to the basics for me and I got those basics back and more. With the addition of the nutrition therapy that is available at Natural Wellness Centre, I am entering my golden years with the health and energy of a much younger person. The “Liver Purification and Weight Management Program” was almost miraculous. With it I achieved a very high energy level, I lost my food cravings and my get-up-and-go doesn’t go and forget to return.

The Standard Process whole food supplements are a very important part of my daily routine. These products are made from organically grown whole, real food. Not chemical derivatives. Grown in rich, chemical free soil and never treated with pesticides or chemicals. How important is that? So, when I say the doctors and staff at Natural Wellness Centre care about their patients and their wellness, I mean it.”

SCIATICA WAS NO MATCH – Dr. Grilliot helped me beat the pain!

Carol N.

PAIN… that familiar 4 letter word. Every human on this earth has their story of how it has affected them in their lifetime. With some, it is short lived…with others, it is a constant, daily reminder of a bad accident or an incident where we have no clue how it found us and took hold.

I am a 59 year old female. I have always been in tune with my health, and being human, I have hurt from the top of my head to the tips of my toes during my lifetime. There eventually comes a time when that little pain that you’ve had “before” has now hit with a vengeance and it is beyond your “home remedy” treatments.

I remember a work-related February trip to the mall 6 years ago. I sat down in the mall food court and felt an “odd sensation” in my lower back. It stayed with me not for just a day, a week; but for 4 months! Along with the leg and back pain, were the restless, sleep deprived nights. I thought the pain would eventually go away, but this was definitely something different. What was so (pardon the pun) – “nerve racking” was I did not know who to turn to for help. Starting each day and getting through the day was turning into a personal, painful nightmare. The unsettling questions that ran through my head were making me nervous and anxious. With the month of June upon me, I recall sitting at the kitchen table praying and crying for relief. I had the phone in my hand and made an appointment with a doctor who had treated me in the past for a very different problem. When I called his office, I was told, “He can’t see you until August.” “August???” I need help NOW! I’VE DEALT WITH THIS FOR 4 MONTHS and you tell me I’ll have to wait and suffer a little longer.

I still went to work and performed my job every day, hurting; and surprisingly never missed any work over this situation. Then it happened. One week later, a fellow worker (my angel of mercy) came into my room at work and asked if I was ok. My face must have said it all. She told me of a doctor she and some of the other staff members were seeing for their back, neck and other types of pain. She begged me to please call him… he will help you!

The doctor she had me call was Dr. James Grilliot, DC. I’d never been to a chiropractor before. I called his office before leaving work that day. What was so surprising was that I had an appointment THE NEXT DAY! I called and cancelled that August appointment with the other doctor! When I went to Natural Wellness Centre for my first appointment with Dr. Grilliot, I received care and attention that gave me great hope and expectations. I very quickly realized that this was a doctor that took his time, listened to me, explained everything and did so in simple layman terms. He got to the source of the problem…and made me feel like I was help-able. My sciatica nerve was in very good hands indeed! I went to my appointments several days a week, and the adjustments… exercises…the ice packs…and that “tingly machine” soon reduced my pain and brought my visits down to twice a week, then to once per week, then to once per month! The beauty of this whole process was no medication was involved. I was “helping myself” through Dr. Grilliot’s guidance. The pain was eliminated in a very short amount of time. I was elated!

I have continued to see Dr. Grilliot for 6 years. He has helped me through sprains, strains and other pains! He amazes me. He can find the area of pain every time and correct it. I used to wait to see of the pain would “go away” by itself. I found out it usually does not go away and comes back to get me every time. Dr. Grilliot has a sign in his office, “I Thought It Would Go Away!” How ironic.

I have referred many people to Dr. Grilliot over the past 6 years. The ones that WANTED to be helped and HAVE BEEN HELPED listened to my success stories and called his office – the first step to feeling good and whole again. I now have a monthly “wellness visit”. I can honestly say this is one doctor I do not mind visiting. I feel good and can do what I like. I know my limitations and listen to my body when it starts to hurt. It doesn’t get any better than that. If a problem arises, I know how to deal with it due to all the exercises I’ve been taught and the directions Dr. Grilliot has instilled in my mind. If I can’t find relief, I KNOW I can call and get right in to see him. I don’t know where I would be at this stage in my life if I had never found Dr. Grilliot… he has become a trusted doctor and friend. I am so glad I was pointed in the right direction. I have never regretted it for one moment.

Improvement Came Quickly

Dave D.

Prior to beginning treatment by Dr. Grilliot, I had experienced lower back pain off and on since 1985. Then in September, 2008, I strained my lower back while installing a dishwasher. The straw that broke the camel’s back occurred shortly thereafter when my 5 year old daughter hit me from behind while I was moving a generator. The pain was aching with sharp stabbing pain at times and some burning in my groin that was now present more than 75% of the time.

I tried the usual remedies; taking ibuprofen, using a heated massage pad, and I had also seen several other doctors but had not gotten any treatment that brought improvement. My daily activities of standing, bending, reaching and driving all aggravated the pain.

Improvement came quickly after starting treatment with Dr. Grilliot and after 3 short months my back feels better when I am standing and or moving. I only have a slight cramping feeling when I sit for very long periods. My back has really improved over the course of my visits.

I have since learned what I can and can’t do to keep my state of improvement. I am continuing to do the stretches and muscle re-education exercises so I can maintain my health and feeling of wellness.

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