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Improved Health Begins Here

Driving throughout Ohio and surrounding states to Bremen for nutritional consultations and chiropractic treatment, patients have come to depend on the skills and expertise from 35+ years experience at Natural Wellness Centre. Our dedicated health professionals are committed to helping you achieve your personal wellness objectives.

The overall practice model at the Natural Wellness Centre is based on the premise that a person’s basic diet (nutrition and supplements), exercise, sleep habits, stress management and mindset are critical components of weight management and optimum health. Dr. Grilliot utilizes sophisticated, scientifically-driven protocols that optimize both the body and brain functions, which allows to maximize and maintain positive outcomes for patients.

As Dr. James Grilliot, Chiropractic physician explains, “By teaching you how to practice the true principles of health, we can help you move towards your health goals. When patients learn to move well, eat well, and think well, they are able to live well, with improved health and optimal well-being.  I do not believe that your health improves simply by hope – I believe it gets better by design and the most important key in that design is you!”

Variety of Services

Whether you are looking for a chiropractor in central or southeastern, Ohio or looking for safe, all natural weight loss without medications, massage therapy, Yoga and stretching, or healthy food and nutritional related supplements, Natural Wellness Centre can help. We offer a wide variety of services in a family-oriented practice where your health is our number one priority:

  1. Nutritional Counseling: All-Natural Weight loss, Personalized Diet Plans
  2. Chiropractic Care
  3. Educational Wellness Workshops
  4. Massage Therapy
  5. Yoga & Stretching Classes
  6. All natural healthy alternative foods and supplements

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Call to make an appointment to find out WHY individuals make the drive to Bremen, Ohio and what  sets Natural Wellness Centre apart from other central and southeastern Ohio nutritional consultants and chiropractors.

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